Skitour Kaltenberg

vertical climb: 1040 m.
horizontal climb: 2170 m.
climbing distance: 4,8 km
downhill total: 10,6 km
destination: Klösterle/Langen/Stuben

Start at Stuben am Arlberg. Go to the top station of the Sonnleitenlift at the Albonagrat head towards to Maroikopf. There is usually a track or bootpack because it’s probably the most famous peak of the Arlberg. Easily reached by a zigzag track (20-30 min.) From the top ski to the west onto an saddle called the Maroischarte. From there ski to the south eastern direction (to Verwalltall) over easy terrain. Keep as far skiers right as you can. From there continue uphill along a short slope to the left where the famous Kaltenberg comes in vision high above everything. Follow the Maroi valley towards the Kaltenbergsee over nice rolls. Proceed to the left and you’ll see the North face of Kaltenberg. Skin up at the far left of this slope. You can climb to the summit leaving your skis behind. There is a fixed rope.


There are 3 different ways to ski down. One goes back to Verwall, second goes over the North facing slope and again up to Krachenspitze  and descent to Stuben via Elephant (see other blog).

The third one which I did is the Kaltenberg West Face via Nenzigast to Langen am Arlberg or Klösterle. Normally ou put a few turns down th eglacier on the far left side and straight underneath a little peak to the left, traversing steep terrain untill reaching a rocky ridge. Continue down a mind blowing, huge west facing bowl called the Bettlerkar. This was not possibly when I was there because we found it too tricky to go there. We went a little bit lower on the Kaltenberggletcher (glacier) and frontal skinned up to the Bettlerkar. After that you keep left towards the end of the slope. From here you drop into the West Face of Kaltenberg. When there’s less snow the first meters can be hard to ski because of rocks. After these few meters it’s a long slope to the end of Nenzingast valley. Unforgettable!!! Follow the valley until you reach a forest road. From here you can ski back to Klösterle (go left at a power plan) or just Langen am arlberg.

Approach from Maroijochl to Maroikopfe, descent to Verwalltall, approach to Kaltenberg, descent Kaltenberggletcher, approach to Bettlerkar, descent Kaltenberg west face via Nenzigasttal to Langen. 25-02-2014

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